The Battle for Guildford

Our historic county town is under threat of destruction from the Political Party:
Residents for Guildford and Villages (R4GV) who want to build 13 Tower-Blocks in North Street!
We the residents of the Borough of Guildford can stop it.
Find out how below:

The Battle for Guildford - Flyer

This A5 Flyer explains the key points and shows the proposed scheme.

We need help to make people aware of this terrible threat to the future our town - the economic hub of our Borough.

Please send us a message with your address using the form at the bottom of the page if you can help by delivering leaflets to your local neighbours and friends.

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Robin. (Robin Horsley)

Les Vacances

How do we put our historic town, the centre of our Borough, back on the world map?

Les Vacances = The Holiday

2nd Video - Campaign 2

The 1st Campaign to Save Guildford

The campaign from 22nd December 2022 - 11th January 2023

Guildford North Street Development

Guildford Town Centre Scheme: Are you aware of this and its implications?

1st Video

Rigged - A Response to
Councillor Rigg

Guildford Borough Councillor John Rigg has written a piece in the Guildford Dragon Online News Site that attacked one of his Cllr colleagues and me - this is my response and also digs into the proposed North Street Development scheme a little further.

2nd Video

'The Challenge'

Democracy - Can Guildford Borough Council Handle it?

3rd Video

We Won the First Battle!

On January 11th 2023, Guildford Borough Councillors Voted by a Single Vote to Reject the North Street Development. But, if R4GV are elected in the Borough Council Elections on 4th May 2023 the chances are they will force the scheme through - we must stop that happening by voting instead for others.

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